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Our first session will consist of an evaluation in your home, where we talk about your 'pain point(s)' and we find a workable solution, tailored exactly to your lifestyle and your space.  During this time, we work to create real plans for you that are attainable as well as sustainable.  The idea is to create a longer-term fix, so everything has a place and it is easy for you to maintain your new organised standard.


We understand that one size doesn't fit all when organising, so every evaluation and plan is different.  In some instances, it may be a relatively small fix, or in others, there may be a number of rooms or spaces that could benefit from a little attention.  Below is our pricing chart and I would be happy to discuss your individual needs.  Get in touch

Need some support in getting your affairs sorted at home, emails need sorting, setting up online direct debit, ordering your weekly shopping or just the looking for a Personal Assistant to organise your life, then Get in touch as this is something that we can do too. 

Relocation Specialists:  If the thought of moving is daunting, then help is here.  We can prepare your home for sale/move, by downsizing or decluttering your belonging, packing up your belongings and have a team on standby to unpack & style your new home for you.  Relocation packages available upon request (declutter, pack, unpack & style your new home).  Get in touch

Daily rate (09:30-16:30):  $595.00*


Hourly rate:    $85.00*

*Rate per organiser

PA rates $65.00* per hour


Relocation Support:  $170ph/2 organisers


Weekend surcharges: $400 added to total invoice


Our fees have increased, correct as at 15th February 2024 

Indicative timings to declutter, organise or refresh a space:   

Attic - 2hrs

Playroom, linen closet, bathroom vanity and/or main wardrobe:  3-5hrs

Large family kitchen & pantry 1-2 days

Home office: 1-2 days

Single Garage: 4-6hrs

Double Garage: 1-4 days

Payment can be made via cash, EFT or bankers draft.  All Credit Card payments incur a 1.9% fee
(no personal cheques will be accepted).

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