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Spring is the perfect time to open all the windows in the house and clear out the winter clutter!  Treat yourself to a cleaner if it's all a bit too much or do one room a day, break it down so the 'spring clean' doesn't overwhelm you.
The change in seasons means a change to your wardrobe.  Decide what you really are going to wear for the season ahead and if it's not your style, no longer appropriate then donate or dispose.
If purchasing a new garment for the season ahead, try to recycle the similar item; do you really need two black blazers?  Apply this same rule to footwear, buying a new a pair of shoe's is fabulous but another pair of nude pumps... 
Look out for seasonal seasonal sales, your bed linen or towels might need an update.  Items you wouldn't use yourself should not be donated to charity but local animal shelters would welcome the donation.
Winter means the re-emergence of the Slow-Cooker, it's a staple in our house over the winter months.  Not only do you get wonderful winter warm food, making extra large portions means you can freeze leftovers to have in the weeks to come.  
Seasonal Specials
Spring 2017:      
OFFICES in OCTOBER:  All 'decluttering & office reorganisation will be offered a free consultations (up to 2 hours worth $160) during October 2017. 
NOVEMBER - New beginnings, nursery's & newborns:  Take the plunge in Spring and organise your home so you can enjoy the Summer;  If you're expecting your first child then give us a call and we'll help organise the nursery, essential shopping needs for you, the baby and your home.  An 10% discount will be offered to all new clients November. 
Winter 2017:      
'Winter is Coming' to coincide with the seventh season of the GoT franchise, Life Organised! is offering 7% discount off winter invoices 
(01 June 2017 to 31 August 2017). 
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